Axdy delivers a contemplative and precious stunner with ”Weirdo”.

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Axdy’s song Weirdo has decided both electronica and EDM influences, with a fierce funky bassline, EDM speed, and enriching vocals. It is short, at 2:44, but packs a punch into those 164 seconds. It is almost impossible to ignore this track. It’s too insistent and absolutely refuses to fade easily into the background. Axdy’s unique production style lends the piece some of its best qualities.

Weirdo is a fast-paced tune with complex rhythms, making it a bit different from the norm. That’s exactly what Axdy does though. He prefers making music that defies the usual formulas or genres and sounds distinct. He uses modern instrumentation with a touch of retro-engineered output.

Weirdo begins with an appealing drum pattern to set the tempo before the intricate arrangement kicks in at 15 seconds, followed by the vocals at 30 seconds. In this track, the vocals are quite evolving and Axdy has used different shades to it accompanied by the funky bassline underlying the vocal part. The verses are delivered at speed, with a soaring ethereal pre-chorus part before the actual chorus.

There is a fair amount of repetition in the lyrics of this song, but that suits its style and makes it attractive. The verses consist of repeated couplets, and the pre-chorus is also repeated twice, as is the chorus. String stabs punctuate the rapid-fire delivery at the end of each couplet in the verse pattern, while the vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus are immensely expansive and flow much more smoothly over the bubbling bassline. The lyrics in the verses are composed of short, sharp, and staccato words, as befits an edgy song like this.

Weirdo by Axdy is the kind of song that’s surely difficult to forget once you’ve heard it. It’s prime earworm material, catchy and individual. If you like your electronica funky or your basslines fast and furious, then this composition is likely to appeal.

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