Elysia Marie Releases Empowering New Single “I Ain’t Mad” – A Powerful Anthem of Moving On and Embracing Your Best Life

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Elysia Marie

Rising artist Elysia Marie is set to captivate audiences with her latest release, “I Ain’t Mad.” This inspiring song delves into the complexities of heartbreak and betrayal, delivering a message of empowerment and self-discovery.

“I Ain’t Mad” is a heartfelt reflection on the aftermath of a painful breakup and the experience of being cheated on. Elysia Marie draws from her own personal encounters with deceitful individuals, channeling her emotions into a powerful musical narrative. The song serves as a reminder that amidst heartbreak and disappointment, lies the opportunity for personal growth, a better future, and a stronger love.

With lyrics that resonate deeply, Elysia Marie’s “I Ain’t Mad” offers a sense of closure and liberation from prolonged heartache. The song encourages listeners to move forward, embracing their true selves and recognizing their worth as powerful, beautiful, and strong individuals. It serves as a rallying cry to shed the weight of those who are not meant to be a part of one’s life and to embrace the new season that awaits.

The recording of “I Ain’t Mad” is a testament to Elysia Marie’s dedication to her craft. Collaborating with a powerhouse team, including renowned songwriter Damarr Salahudin (FX, Sons of Anarchy, HBO, The Affair), acclaimed producer and engineer Vanessa Silberman (Tony Visconti, Kimbra), and platinum producer and engineer Mikal Blue (One Republic, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting, Colbie Caillat), Elysia Marie has crafted a sonically rich and emotionally resonant track.

Produced by Vanessa Silberman and mixed by Mikal Blue, the recording of “I Ain’t Mad” took place at A Diamond Heart Production in Brooklyn, NY, and Revolver Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The vocal production, curated by the talented Tosha Marie, adds an additional layer of depth and artistry to the track.

“I Ain’t Mad” is a testament to Elysia Marie’s unwavering strength and resilience. It serves as a reminder that apologies may never come, but that should not hinder one’s ability to move forward with gratitude and self-assurance. Elysia Marie’s perspective on healing and growth is a beacon of inspiration for all who have experienced heartbreak.

“I Ain’t Mad” is now available on all major streaming platforms. To stay updated on Elysia Marie’s journey and future releases, follow her on social media and visit her official website.

Visit Elysia Marie’s Website: https://www.emariemusic.com/

Follow her on Instagram: https://instagram.com/elysia_marie_music

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