How Old is Craig Conover

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Discover how old Craig Conover is in this comprehensive article. Get insights, FAQs, and all the details you need about Craig Conover’s age.


Craig Conover is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. Fans and followers often wonder about various aspects of his life, including his age. In this article, we will delve into the topic of “how old is Craig Conover” and provide you with detailed information, insights, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to satisfy your curiosity. So, let’s embark on this journey to discover Craig Conover’s age.How Old is Craig Conover

How Old is Craig Conover

Craig Conover’s age is a subject of interest for many, and it’s natural to be curious about this popular figure’s background. To answer the question directly, Craig Conover was born on February 9, 1988. As of the most recent update, he is 35 years old. Now that we have the basic information let’s explore more about him.

Early Life and Background

Craig Conover was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He spent his formative years in this beautiful coastal city, which later became the backdrop for his television career. Growing up, Craig displayed a keen interest in law and pursued a degree in that field.

Education and Career

Craig Conover attended the College of Charleston, where he studied Political Science. After completing his undergraduate studies, he went on to earn a law degree from Charleston School of Law. His educational journey laid the foundation for his career in law.

After passing the bar exam, Craig began practicing law. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he joined the cast of the reality television series, “Southern Charm.”

“Southern Charm” and Reality TV Career

Craig Conover gained widespread fame and recognition through his appearance on the reality show “Southern Charm.” He became a fan favorite for his charismatic personality and distinctive style. His involvement in the show has contributed significantly to his popularity.

Personal Life

Apart from his career in law and reality TV, Craig is also known for his entrepreneurial ventures and creative pursuits. He has a passion for sewing and even launched his own pillow company called “SewHayden.”

FAQs about Craig Conover’s Age

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Craig Conover’s age:

Q: Is Craig Conover married? A: As of my last update, Craig Conover is not married.

Q: Does Craig Conover have children? A: No, Craig Conover does not have any children at this time.

Q: What is Craig Conover’s zodiac sign? A: Craig Conover’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Q: Where was Craig Conover born? A: Craig Conover was born in Fenwick Island, Delaware, USA.

Q: What are Craig Conover’s hobbies? A: Craig Conover enjoys sewing, which led to the launch of his own pillow company. He is also passionate about travel and adventure.

Q: Does Craig Conover have any siblings? A: Yes, Craig Conover has a sister named Katie Conover.


In conclusion, Craig Conover, the charismatic reality TV star and entrepreneur, was born on February 9, 1988, which makes him 35 years old as of the latest information available. We’ve explored his early life, education, career, and some intriguing aspects of his personal life. We hope this article has satisfied your curiosity about Craig Conover’s age and provided you with valuable insights.

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