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Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer Kid Capri has joined forces with the dynamic rap duo, The Hoodies, to drop their scorching new single, ‘I’m Hot.’ This collaboration is a true fusion of Kid Capri’s legendary expertise and The Hoodies’ viral sensation, creating a wave of nostalgia and innovation.

Kid Capri, known as the “King of Mixtapes,” began his DJ journey in the Bronx at the young age of 8. He quickly became a hip-hop pioneer with his groundbreaking mixtapes, featuring his signature rapid-fire scratching and mixing. Collaborating with icons like Jay-Z, Madonna, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, Kid Capri earned a Grammy and left his mark on Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn” album. His influence extends to major events like the BET Awards, MTV Music Awards, VH1 Hip Hop Honors, and the Hip Hop 50 Concert, solidifying his position in the music industry.

The Hoodies, consisting of brothers E-Class (Eben Nettles) and Young Poppa (Umar Abrams), have been making waves in the rap scene since their early years. E-Class started rapping at a young age, inspiring Young Poppa to freestyle as a toddler. Together, they created a brand that focuses on the struggles of their community, symbolized by their iconic hoodies. The Hoodies gained massive viral success with their “In The Whip” freestyle video series in 2016, leading to appearances on shows like Ellen and Hot97 with FunkFlex. They even had hip-hop royalty like Jadakiss and Styles P join in on their “In The Whip” sessions.

“Working with The Hoodies on ‘I’m Hot’ was a journey back to my roots and a leap into the future of hip-hop. Their fierce energy and sharp lyricism perfectly complemented my seasoned beats, resulting in a track that is both street-wise and timeless. This collaboration goes beyond just a song – it reflects the raw, unfiltered essence and enduring intelligence of hip-hop. On the Hidden Gem album and all its tracks, we are bridging eras and styles, proving once again that this genre is the voice of the streets and the voice of wisdom.” – Kid Capri

In their latest hit, The Hoodies bring their A-game with intricate wordplay and razor-sharp flow, unleashing an unmatched raw energy. Kid Capri’s robust production sets the stage, while electrifying DJ scratches add an edgy dynamism, embodying the cutting-edge spirit of DJ culture. ‘I’m Hot’ symbolizes the enduring influence and versatility of hip-hop, showcasing its ability to continuously evolve and inspire through the fusion of past and present, legacy and innovation. This track engraves the message of what it takes to survive and thrive.

‘I’m Hot,’ featured on the Hidden Gems album produced by Kid Capri, is available on all streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on YouTube. Fans can also anticipate the release of the remix shortly.

For more insights into Kid Capri’s Grammy-winning career and his contributions to the music industry, visit his official website.


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