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Giovanna Alexsandra

My name is Giovanna Alexsandra and from the age of four, I was always dancing – ballet, tap, and hip-hop and as I grew older I was modeling. I soon began to compete in dance competitions at my local studio and modeling. As I grew older, I became more and more focused on maintaining clear and healthy skin, especially from sweating and being in the sun with heavy make up.

After graduating college, I was working part-time at a med spa that offered beauty services one including spray tanning, and would see numerous people coming in with sun damage to their skin. Then, four years ago, my mom became ill and was unable to leave her home. I started to realize how important health is a big part of your life, and I started to be aware, in every aspect of my life . This promoted me to start my mobile spray tanning business so as to offer clients the same spray tanning and beauty services as in the med spa, but in the comfort and connivence of their own home.

This also allowed me to share my knowledge about protecting the skin from damaging sun rays. I wanted to be able to offer a safer and healthier way for a natural glow, while educating my friends and clients about harmful UV rays and the damage they cause. 

Word soon spread, and in only a few months I had built up a strong recurring client base around the West Side and throughout LA. 

My clients range from moms and professionals, to athletes, models, and big-name celebrities, and  I customize each tan specifically to the clients skin type.

I was finally blessed to open my own beauty bar and gave other women opportunity to do there own services within my business. My specialty in what I offer is medical tattooing, body sculpting and spray tanning. I also launched my own self tanning mousse and shimmer brush that I sell on my website at:  and This concept was born after I continued to see a growing number of my clients request me having my own line. 

I also just launched two Ebooks. My first one is called “Women Fitness Planner “ a women based fitness journal focus on providing an easy-to-use and comprehensive workout planner. It includes everything you need to plan and track your workouts, from daily and weekly schedules to detailed exercise logs and progress trackers. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily customize your planner to fit your unique fitness needs and preferences. 

The second book is called “How To Master Social Media Ads” this will teach you to understand & master social media ads & generate up to 20x more revenue from your online sales. You can purchase them at: and

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