Redo Taylor Swift’s Time Cover with Your Dog to Win Doggie Day Care: A Pawsome Adventure

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Redo Taylor Swift’s Time Cover with Your Dog to Win Doggie Day Care: A Pawsome Adventure


In a world where pets are treasured as family members, the opportunity to combine the love for your furry friend with a chance to win exciting prizes is nothing short of a dream come true. This article explores the captivating contest that invites dog owners to redo Taylor Swift’s iconic Time cover featuring their canine companions, offering them a shot at winning an exclusive doggie day care package.

Taylor Swift’s Time Cover

Taylor Swift’s Time cover created ripples across pop culture, becoming an iconic representation of her influence in the music industry. The captivating image caught the attention of millions, making it an ideal template for a unique and fun doggie day care contest.

Doggie Day Care Contest

How to Participate

Participating in the contest is a breeze. Dog owners simply need to recreate Taylor Swift’s Time cover with their beloved pets, adding a creative twist that showcases the unique bond between owner and dog. The guidelines are straightforward, allowing for artistic freedom while adhering to the essence of the original cover.Redo Taylor Swift's Time Cover with Your Dog to Win Doggie Day Care

Importance of Doggie Day Care

Doggie day care holds a special place in the hearts of pet owners. Beyond providing a safe environment for pets when their owners are away, it offers socialization opportunities, mental stimulation, and a chance for dogs to engage in physical activities. Winning a doggie day care package is not just a prize but a gift that keeps on giving to both the owner and the beloved pet.

Tips for a Winning Entry

Creating a winning entry involves more than just recreating a photograph. It’s about capturing the essence of the relationship between you and your dog. Get creative with props, settings, and expressions to make your entry stand out. The more you can convey the personality of your dog, the better your chances of catching the judges’ eyes.

Showcasing Your Dog’s Personality

Understanding your dog’s unique traits is key to a successful entry. Whether your dog is playful, mischievous, or laid-back, find ways to incorporate these characteristics into the photo. A successful entry not only replicates the Time cover but also brings out the individuality of your canine companion.

Photography Tips

The quality of your photo matters. Ensure good lighting, a clear focus on the subjects, and a well-composed shot. Consider the background and framing to enhance the visual appeal of your entry. A high-quality photo not only impresses the judges but also resonates with the online community, garnering support for your submission.

Engaging with the Contest Community

Participating in the contest goes beyond the submission of your entry. Join online groups and forums related to the contest to share your experience, get inspiration from others, and build a sense of camaraderie. Engaging with the community can also create anticipation and excitement around your entry.

Building Anticipation

Utilize social media platforms to showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses of your photoshoot, share anecdotes about your dog, and encourage others to participate. Building anticipation not only generates interest in your entry but also creates a supportive community rallying behind you.

The Judging Process

Understanding how entries will be judged is crucial. Judges look for creativity, originality, and the emotional connection conveyed in the photo. Knowing what judges are looking for gives you a strategic advantage in tailoring your entry to meet their criteria.

The Prize – Doggie Day Care Package

The ultimate reward for your efforts is the coveted doggie day care package. Packed with goodies, services, and experiences for both owner and pet, the prize is a celebration of the unique bond shared between dogs and their human companions.

Personal Experiences

Explore stories of previous winners whose lives were touched by the doggie day care package. From enhanced pet well-being to the convenience it brings to owners’ lives, these personal experiences highlight the true value of the prize beyond its material aspects.


As you embark on this pawsome adventure of recreating Taylor Swift’s Time cover with your dog, remember that it’s not just a contest but a celebration of the beautiful relationship you share. So, gather your props, capture those precious moments, and submit your entry for a chance to win a doggie day care package that will undoubtedly enrich your lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I submit more than one entry?
    • Yes, participants are welcome to submit multiple entries, showcasing different aspects of their relationship with their dogs.
  2. What criteria are judges looking for in a winning entry?
    • Judges evaluate entries based on creativity, originality, and the emotional connection depicted in the photo.
  3. Is there an age restriction for participating dogs?
    • No, the contest is open to dogs of all ages. The focus is on capturing the bond between owner and pet.
  4. How can I increase the chances of my entry getting noticed online?
    • Engage with the contest community on social media, share behind-the-scenes content, and encourage friends and family to support your entry.
  5. What happens if my dog doesn’t like wearing props for the photoshoot?
    • The contest values the well-being and comfort of the dogs. If your dog is uncomfortable with props, focus on capturing natural moments that highlight their personality.
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