Teen Actress Yelani Sinclair attend Candlelight Vigil Against Gun Violence

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Yelani Sinclair

Yelani Sinclair is using her platform to bring awareness to important community topics. As she attended a candle light vigil towards gun violence, speaking about how gun violence is affecting innocent children in our country. The candlelight vigil was a solemn gathering to honor the victims of gun violence across the world. It was about bringing a change in an effort to unite the community in their shared objective for a nonviolent society. Yelani Sinclair continues to use her platform to drive discussions and encourage positive change surrounding this critical issue.

Yelani Sinclair

The event did draw the attention of renowned media outlets that includes Comcast News, KTLA 5 News, and Telemundo, which she was interviewed by all media outlets.

Yelani Sinclair

The event was organized by musician SKG ( Helecia Choyce) as she led a heartfelt candlelight vigil in Korea Town, where she performed her charity song titled “We Didn’t Know.” This was quite an impactful event with a special collaboration with “The West Los Angeles Children’s Choir and Tabiyus Nah,”.

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