Telephone Tag Music makes an uplifting splash with their children’s book and song Hey Moon!

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Telephone Tag

Based upon the true story of Moon the humpback whale, Telephone Tag Music (‘Tt’) released their first children’s book Hey Moon which hit the shelves on September 22nd.

Hey Moon is available for purchase on all digital platforms and you can get a copy for yourself here!

Barnes & Noble:

A book for grades K-6th, but a story for far beyond, ‘Tt’ shares the positive message that even during the most challenging times to never quit and always believe in yourself. 

Hey Moon comes from the duo’s experience while on a whale watch in Maui, Hawaii where they learned about Moon the humpback whale from a local marine biologist in January 2023.

Extremely moved and inspired by the whale’s story, ‘Tt’ wrote the song and book Hey Moon.  Flipping through the first few pages, readers can find lyrics and a QR code to a lyric video where they can sing along to the song. The book then tells the story of Moon suffering a life changing injury but continuing her annual migration to Maui, Hawaii using only her pectoral fins. During her three-thousand-mile journey, Moon meets friends who teach her lessons of perseverance, being proud of who you are, and to never quit during challenging times.

The illustrations are enduring, the song is inspiring, and the lessons are educational and uplifting. It’s a story that’s relatable and resonates deeply with the beloved island of Maui as they recover from the wildfires.

As iHeartRadio said, “‘Tt’ is a fresh ray of light that the music industry needs and definitely an act to keep on your radar”. Their book and song combo is just one prime example of how the duo is thinking outside the box as an independent artist in the modern day. 

Telephone tag is indeed setting up a foundation for a majorly successful future. 

Check out the lyric video for Hey Moon here: Hey Moon Lyric Video

For more information on Telephone Tag Music:

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