The Weeknd Mentioned Artist StaJe in Recent Interview

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Culture Buzz Hiphop recently interviewed a 4x Grammy Winner The Weeknd, did something unusual during the conversation. When asked if he listened to any particular Indie artist, he recommended an artist named StaJe and their latest single “Sunrise”. Intrigued by this endorsement, we decided to check out the song and learn more about the artist.

We discovered that StaJe moved to Los Angeles in 2018 but found himself homeless and living on skid row. Fortunately, one of his college friends recognized him on the street and offered him a place to stay in his small downtown apartment. StaJe was grateful for the opportunity, stating in a recent Billboard interview that “it wasn’t much, but it sure was better than living on the streets”.

After securing a job at Mercedes-Benz, StaJe began pursuing music and signed with Fam Entertainment as a rapper. His first single “Keisha” landed on the Top 50 DRT Charts in 2019, and he continued to gain traction with his 2021 release “UP”, which reached the Top 10 on iTunes Charts. In 2022, StaJe signed a distribution deal with Sony Orchard and released his single “Daddy”, which landed on The Breakfast Club radio spins in New York and gained popularity across the Southeastern US. By the end of the year, he released “Oceano”, which became his biggest hit to date, reaching #17 on the Billboard Digital Sales Charts and #1 on the iTunes World Charts.

StaJe’s latest release, “Sunrise”, is quickly gaining traction globally, reaching #1 on the iTunes Charts in South Africa and #24 on the US iTunes Charts. The song also reached #2 on the Amazon Charts and the Top 100 on the Mediabase Charts.

After listening to StaJe’s catalog, we can confidently say that he is a truly talented artist. His journey from being homeless to becoming a successful musician is inspiring, and his music has a unique and captivating sound. We highly recommend checking out StaJe’s music and supporting this rising star. It’s always exciting to discover a hidden gem like StaJe and watch them rise to stardom.

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