Walter Kemp 3’s International Superband: Unveiling the Enchanting ‘Black Whole’ Experience

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Walter Kemp 3

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a musical voyage that defies time and space and carries you on an enchanted excursion through the alluring worlds of Black music? Do not worry, however, because the brilliant brains of Walter Kemp 3 and his International Superband “Black Whole” have brewed a potion of aural magic that will have your spirit jiggling and your ears humming.

Imagine a group of five musical masters who have come together, each carrying a variety of instruments, with the goal of paying honor to the ancestors of Black music. With Walter Kemp effortlessly tickling the power source ivories like a mischievous wizard, Scott Tixier serenading his violin by means of an enchanting siren’s call, Brent Birckhead blowing his reeds with expertise that might entice even some of the most stubborn of snakes, Rishon Odel wielding his bass like a rhythmic sorcerer, and Allan Mednard conjuring beats that could wake the dead – this ensemble is a sonic symphony that defies the laws of gravity and musical categorization.

The captivating masterpiece they recently released, “Good Morning,” is more than a song; it’s a doorway to another world. You are guided through a musical environment that is a mix of a labyrinth and an amusement park by pianist Walter Kemp 3 as he assumes the keyboard controls. Even the most grumpy goblins would clap their feet in admiration due to the bassline’s contagious nature. As soon as you enter the flow, Brent Birckhead enters the scene like a musical phoenix and takes the melody to new heights. You’ll be left breathless and ecstatic after riding this musical rollercoaster.

There’s still more, however! The authentic charm of “Black Whole” rests in their instrument skill and their capacity to combine tradition with innovation. They combine ancient and modern musical elements to produce an invigorating and seductive concoction. 

They are like musical alchemists. While pushing the genre’s bounds with a bravery that would make even the fiercest minstrel blush, they dive deeply into jazz’s historical foundations like explorers finding lost riches.

So, dear reader, if you’re looking for a musical adventure to tickle your funny bone and send your senses aflutter, go no further than the amazing sounds of Walter Kemp 3’s International Superband “Black Whole.”

In the finest manner imaginable, be captivated, troubled, and perplexed as you listen, play, and allow yourself to be carried away on a sonic adventure. Your soul, ears, and inner musical explorer will eternally be grateful to “Black Whole” for casting its spell over you.


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