Teen Actress Yelani Sinclair Attends the Inspire Awards

Every year OneLegacy host the Inspire Awards honoring stories about organ and tissue donations. Television shows, movies and documentaries receive an inspire award for inspiring change through entertainment. OneLegacy foundation and Ava’s Heart came together for an unforgettable night honoring story tellers, organ donors and transplant recipients. The star studded…

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FlyGoddy Talks Music Success & Inspiration

FlyGoddy, an emerging artist known for his distinctive sound and captivating stage presence, is rapidly gaining recognition in the music industry for his raw talent and unwavering commitment to his artistry. From his early inspirations to his upcoming endeavors, FlyGoddy is positioned to make a lasting impact on the music…

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Navigating the Waves of Change: Jason Isbell’s Perspective on Divorce

Divorce is often viewed through the lens of failure and regret, a narrative that dominates societal discussions. However, in a refreshing departure from this norm, acclaimed musician Jason Isbell challenges the conventional narrative surrounding divorce. Isbell, known for his soulful lyrics and poignant storytelling, recently shared his perspective on parting…

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