Baby Slvetts tattoo collection

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Baby Slvetts tattoo collection

Baby Slvett isn’t just explicit when it comes to her rap music; she is also very popular for throwing up her middle finger. She states in an interview that she loves to take pictures with her middle finger, and it gives her motivation to become bigger and better as an artist. Slvett doesn’t just get to throw up the middle finger; it is enhanced by a tattoo that she has on her right hand, so every time she throws up the right middle finger in photos, it makes her look even better. At the moment, Baby Slvett has a total of seven tattoos. She is set to get a lot more tattoos in the future to make her tattoo collection even bigger. The unique thing about all seven of her tattoos is that they are all located on her upper body.

Baby Slvett has all seven of her tattoos in black, and every tattoo has its own unique meaning. Baby Slvett has a tattoo located on her right hand, which is the first tattoo of a female rap artist. She got her first tattoo at the age of 18, after high school. Her second and third tattoos are two giant monarch butterflies on the inner and lower parts of her right arm. These two butterflies were tattooed on the same day and are exactly the same.

Her fourth tattoo is the word faith in cursive, located on the inner and lower parts of her left arm, written horizontally in big letters. Her fifth tattoo is a shaded or outlined heart located on the inner and lower parts of her left arm, right by her faith tattoo. Her sixth tattoo is the word forever written in cursive, located on the outer and lower parts of the back of her right arm, written horizontally. Her seventh tattoo is a clump of three shaded plumeria flowers on the outside of her upper right arm. Slvett is set to get a tattoo that runs along the whole right side of her body, starting from her ankle all the way up to the upper right side of her back.

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