Charly Black debut new single “Oxtail , Extra Gravy”.

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Charly Black

Charly Black is gearing up to release “Oxtail, Extra Gravy,” his most recent track produced in collaboration with Minto-Play da Riddim and Warrior of Jdore Records. The song will be released on Friday February 16, 2024. The producers reminisced on how time and perseverance came together to create this project.

“I had the notion right away when creating the beat: Charly was the perfect fit for it.. Charly agreed and added his catchy melody and lyrics. I instantly thought this was it and Warrior agreed. I believe this will be a song that you can be both serious and playful with and i believe this single will be enjoyed by everyone”. Minto expressed.

“Working on the project was straight vibes and good energy from the start. The feedback of the song has been encouraging and i know it will make an impact when released .” Warrior added.

“Oxtail (Extra Gravy).” Driven by a combination of Afrobeats and Dancehall sounds, the song aims to create a strong impression on women and become an instant hit that will rock clubs, ignite dance movements, and shake speakers worldwide. The song, which has a love theme as Black describes his lady’s love as “like Oxtail with extra gravy,” is sure to become a staple on couples’ playlists. The song’s exclusive debut took place at an event in Trinidad as part of the rollout, and it was well received instantly.
With more than 20 years of experience in the music business, Charly Black has a vast discography. Black began his career as a selector for Bass Odyssey and Warlord International. His singles include “Rich This Year,” “Whine & Kotch,” “Hoist & Wine,” and his most popular song, “Gyal You A Party Animal,” which enabled him to become renowned both domestically and abroad.

To stay up to date with Minto, follow him on Instagram and TikTok at @MintoPlayDaRiddim. To stay up to date with Warrior, follow him on Instagram at @WarriorWMG. To stay up to date with Charly Black, follow him on Instagram at @CharlyTrelawnyBlack, and on TikTok at @CharlyBlack876.

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