Exploring the Realms of ‘Awake’: A Journey into the Wake-Up Call of SAVARRE

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Within the busy world of contemporary music, where popular songs often rule the airwaves, there is a unique group of musicians that are willing to pursue the less traveled route. Here’s SAVARRE, the cutting-edge Spectra Rock group that is making waves and catching listeners’ attention with their most song, “Awake.”

SAVARRE is not your typical band, led by the multifaceted Shannon Denise Evans, whose résumé resembles a who’s who of artistic pursuits: dramatist, composer, singer-songwriter, and novelist. Their music is a tapestry of unadulterated emotion interwoven with sincerity and purpose.

Evans revealed the inner workings of her creative mind in an interview when she spoke candidly about the idea for “Awake.” “Knowing who I really am and how I fit—or don’t fit—in the world around me has power,” she says. “There is a liberation that comes with separating from ignorance and blindness that is unmatched.

A wake-up cry, “Awake” is more than simply music with soul-stirring lyrics and a tune that sticks in your head long after the song is over. It urges listeners to see behind the illusionary layer and accept reality, regardless of how painful it may be.

However, SAVARRE understands how to have fun, so don’t let the deep subjects deceive you. Their fun enthusiasm is contagious and seductive, and it permeates their music. Every note demonstrates their love and devotion to the music, from the mesmerizing rhythms to the soaring voices.

“Awake,” which debuted under XIII Records in 2020, is evidence of SAVARRE’s dedication to making music with a deeper emotional impact. Making a message is more important than merely writing good songs. They have left their imprint with “Awake,” too.

Therefore, SAVARRE is the only band to turn to the next time you need a musical pick-me-up. Their sound is an experience, not simply a sound. Furthermore, who knows? You may discover that a whole new world of opportunities is opening up for you.



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