Greeley’s own Sauce.K continues making history!

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We sat down with Sauce.K after his Recent show at the Moxi Theater Saturday night February 18th. D’Angelo Garza who goes by the stage name Sauce.K is a talented Hip Hop Artist born and raised from Greeley Colorado, a small city not too far from the State’s capital. The young artist began his music career in the summer of 2020 when he had released his first single ‘You Want’ with a Netherlands Artist IzzyBelaBid. However his musical journey began in grade school when he would write down lyrics during his free time.

At only 9 years old Garza had decided what his future career would be, and that was to be something big in the music industry. His single “You want” Featuring IzzyBelaBid would soon gain traction across all platforms and land on the Netherlands Hot 200 on Spotify Peaking at #190. Shortly after, Sauce.K would release his EP ‘Bad Habits’ produced by Local Producer King Kxmi & Netherlands Producer Izzybelabid. The 5 song project would soon be loved by many fans across the world which eventually landed him on many major articles and magazines. A few known Hip Hop Magazines such as Thisis50,HypeMagazine,GenZHipHop,XXL Mag and more would feature him in their publishes as one of Colorado’s upcoming artists! The young Artist would take this opportunity to work on his next project titled “88” with beats produced by King Kxmi & IzzyBelaBid. The album was set to release in 2022 after having a full year of production. During the time frame between 2021-2022 Sauce.K would be awarded multiple plaque awards from the Music Streaming Awards for achieving over a quarter millions streams on his Bad Habits EP with 2 singles reaching over 100,000 streams.

(Reminisce, Bad Habits) Sauce.K would soon be featured on Northern Colorado’s biggest local station 105.5FM showcasing his song “888” during his competition on the Sonic Spotlight round. Sonic Spotlight is a showcase competition in Northern Colorado showcasing musicians under the age of 22. Out of all submissions Sauce.K Would be one of the 8 selected artists who made it to the semi final round showcasing their music on the air waves. Garza would soon after be awarded the Listener’s Choice Award for his track “888” reaching over 1,000 votes from all listeners who tuned in. This wasn’t the only award Sauce.K would achieve in his local area. A few days after his showcase, he would soon be awarded being the Best Musician of Northern Colorado 2021 as well as 2022 on Nocostyle’s Magazine which covers all entertainment across Northern Colorado. Sauce.K would also become the first Musician to become Greeley’s first Hip Hop Artist to be chosen as their 3x Best Musician winner from 2019-2022 !

Shortly sometime before the year 2022 ended, Sauce.K Released a single titled “Ease the pain” which would talk about his struggles of losing a close friend who had passed away from suicide and how it took a toll on his mental health and life. We questioned the young artist with how its affected him in the music world. Sauce.K stood quiet for a moment before answering, “My friend may not be here physically but he is still here with me spiritually. And through music his soul lives on and I want people to remember him when they listen to that song. He helped me write my song ‘Good Intentions’ shortly before he passed away. ‘Ease the pain’ reflects on how bad his passing affected me along with other struggles I dealt with. I teared up writing down the final verse as soon as it came down to writing about my friend. “I even lost my brother he was only 22. I lost my mind hoping it was me instead of you. I even prayed to god hoping he would take me too. When I saw you in that casket I still hoped it wasn’t true.” It still sends chills down my spine when I listen to that part, it just gives me flash backs of when it all happened. And I wanted people to understand how I felt and to understand my story of losing someone. So many fans were touched by the artist’s song that The single would eventually reach major traction from the United Kingdom.

“Ease the pain” Landed him on their Top 30 Itunes Rap songs chart. The single would peak at #17 for 2 weeks straight before it was taken over. As of 2023 Sauce.K aims to perform at FocoMX which is Northern Colorado’s biggest Festival during the spring season. Another note to add on, the artist is currently working with a sync crew that are currently working on a new single aiming to be used in a major Television Broadcast/Film talking about real world struggles going in the world today. The topic is Depression and making a change for the better. Sauce.K is definitely one of the Artists to keep an eye on for a little longer before that spark inside him becomes ignited for brighter days!

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