A Chicago Public School Surprise

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On February 24th, 2023, Grammy nominated singer/ songwriter TeamJohnHill will be receiving the Bulldog Legacy Award. An award created by a Chicago Public school district in the upper north side of Chicago Carl Schurz High School. It is the first award of its kind spear headed by staff member Lucille Thompson, Principal Heidy Moran and the events coordination staff at the public school. This award was curated to honor past alumni who have achieved great heights in society through philanthropy, entertainment, political science and sports.

Prior to this award the school honored their celebrity alumni with a Wall of Fame which hasn’t been updated since the 1970s. Award co-creator and staff member (Thompson) quoted: “It’s time to show all our students that there are powerful people who have recently made large impacts within this “millennium” and not only add them to the wall but award their diligent Process to represent and make a difference in society which will spark the torch of our future leaders” Hill attended the school in the early 2000’s and was voted “Most likely to Succeed” in a class of 3,000 students. He has composed and contributed to the success of many A list celebrities all while creating a brand management company and doing philanthropy work across the world.

That’s not the only surprise that the CPS has in store.(Hill) has brought a team of notable award winners and celebrities including 5 time Emmy Award-winning publicist Afrika Porter , Actor Michael David Hammond from the largely successful television show “POWER”. Former governor hopeful/activist Tio Hardiman and there is even talks Mayor Lori Lightfoot showing her support. (Hill) has also teamed up With Autumn Pippenburg CEO of the charity “Art of Giving Foundation” to create more musical opportunities for the school that helped drive him into massive success. When we asked Hill his thoughts on CPS he quoted “public schools make public figures”.

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