JTLR’s “That’s My Bop” Hits Number One, Featuring Rap Icon Snoop Dogg

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In an electrifying fusion of talent, the duo of JTLR has soared to the top of the iTunes rap charts in South Africa and the UK with their latest hit, “That’s My Bop,” featuring the legendary Snoop Dogg. This track has not only dominated the charts but also resonated with fans across various platforms, from DJ pools to the echoing cheers of arenas and stadiums nationwide.

The song’s infectious rhythm and catchy hooks have made it a staple in the music scene as we transition into the vibrant vibes of spring. Its popularity is a testament to the group’s ability to create a bop that transcends borders and cultures, uniting listeners in a shared musical experience.

Released in late October 2023, by the Hip Hop Organix imprint, “That’s My Bop” quickly climbed into the top 100 radio charts, signaling its impending success. Following the industry’s holiday season break, the track gained even more traction. College DJs and radio stations across the United States and beyond have given it considerable airplay and promotional support, contributing to its growing momentum.

As JTLR continues to ride the wave of this hit single, the collaboration with Snoop Dogg proves to be a strategic and fruitful alliance. The blend of JTLR’s fresh energy with Snoop’s iconic style, coupled with the magic of Madd Scientist’s production, has created a chart-topping phenomenon that is capturing the hearts of fans and securing a spot in the records of rap history. “That’s My Bop” is more than just a song; it is a movement, a moment, and a milestone for JTLR and the world of hip-hop. The Hip Hop Organix have secured the first of many hits to come!

Organix Media Group LLC is a media marketing and productions company headed by Jonathan Taylor and Mfanisi Hodari Norman. Hip Hop Organix is a subsidiary of Organix Media Group LLC.

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