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MAK, also known as Matt Makovsky, is a fast-rising, futuristic pop artist out of Brooklyn, New York. MAK’s background is diverse. Starting out as an athlete who played the violin, he went on to play Division 1 football at the University of Pennsylvania and amidst his entrepreneurial journey in NYC, MAK decided to confront music head-on.

With innovation at the forefront of his process, MAK is quickly growing fans as he seamlessly blends progressive sounds and global music collaborators with infectious vocals and adept skills as a singer-songwriter. MAK is particularly known for crossing influences of pop, R&B, reggaeton, afrobeat and electro to make up his identity as a music artist.

Three years and three albums into his journey, MAK isn’t sitting back on his heels, and his latest release is no exception. A heartwarming tribute to his mother, “You’re The Reason” is now available on streaming platforms worldwide, and the full-length music video is live on YouTube. MAK credits his mom as the reason he’s developed into the evolving person and artist he is today. With powerful lyrics, infectious melodies and an anthemic synth-rock beat, this song tells the vibrant love story of a son and his mom. 

“I had never written a song dedicated to one person, and that challenge was quite daunting, but I didn’t go looking for this project; it became apparent that the most powerful love language I had to translate my feelings of gratitude to the woman who made me who was through this song,” MAK said. The lyrics are deeply personal while telling a universal story that anyone can relate to. “I wrote this song for my mom, but I realized along the way that it was not only for her and I – it could be your mom or anyone in your life that is the reason you are who you are.”

MAK has constantly been evolving as a music artist since he first teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer and friend Yonatan Watts on his debut album, Gravity (April 2020). The recording sessions took place between NYC & LA and not only established MAK’s retro-future pop sound but as a new artist to watch. “Same Old You,” the lead single, is an uber-catchy track about that moment you realize the person you love isn’t changing and you need to leave, now.

MAK’s sophomore album, Lucid Dream (2021), took on its name when MAK started having a series of lucid dreams that then turned into vivid chapters of a gripping sonic story. The album includes breakout singles “Dopamine” and “Sexed Up” and showed a rapid maturity in MAK’s skills and diverse sound.

Music is bringing MAK across the world as he continues to push boundaries and look for innovative projects. Currently, MAK and Madrid-based artist D Jam Saw are launching an ambitious cross-over album, mixing pop and reggaeton, half in English and half in Spanish. With three singles (Come Todo, Una Noche En Madrid, Demonia) under their belts, these two are poised to move the culture forward as they drop the rest of this universal project in 2023.

In addition to his musical talents, MAK is also known for the progressive and versatile fashion sense he brings to his style as a music artist. His Instagram page is filled with colorful and eye-catching photos, showcasing his bold and fearless style on TikTok as well. His visual identity is intrinsically tied to his artistry, and the authenticity MAK exudes is clear. “I love fashion,” MAK says. “It’s always been an expression of who I am, and as I delve deeper into that community and connect with New York-based and Latin designers, we are creating one-of-one custom pieces that are an extension of my music, the culture and the stories and personality behind it.”

With his unique sound and style, it’s clear that MAK isn’t stopping now. He will continue to take risks, push boundaries, and bring people and cultures together as he quickly moves his way up the list of innovative music artists to watch. You can catch all things MAK at https://www.returnofthemak.com/

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