RENEGADE EL REY song “OKAY OKAY” Still a Hit a Month Later

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RENEGADE EL REY, a Grammy-nominated engineer, sat down last month for an exclusive interview with Nella Writes, providing insights into his illustrious career and his latest single, “OKAY OKAY.”

During the interview, RENEGADE EL REY expressed his excitement about sharing his creations with the world and the refreshing feeling of finally releasing his new single. He discussed the significance of having Brilliant Mack as a producer on the “OKAY OKAY” track, highlighting their strong chemistry and the significant impact Mack had on the song.

When asked about why he chose to release this single first, RENEGADE EL REY explained that it possesses an undeniable bounce that resonated well with audiences during live performances. The positive reception and the song’s energetic vibe made it the perfect choice for the project’s opening record.

RENEGADE EL REY also spoke about his affiliations with groups like the Dungeon Family and the Coalition DJs, emphasizing that these connections are like a network of people he regularly collaborates with, considering them family. He takes his role as the Head Engineer and manager at Stankonia Studios seriously and sees it as both an accomplishment and an opportunity to strive for more.

The interview touched on RENEGADE EL REY’S extensive list of collaborations with iconic artists such as Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, Big Boi, Kanye West, and more. He attributed these timeless moments to his role as an engineer, building rapport with the artists, and sometimes personally reaching out to collaborate. While he acknowledged that not everyone says yes, the ones who do create incredible music together.

Regarding his work on Killer Mike’s latest album, “the Michael album,” RENEGADE EL REY described it as another day in the office due to his previous collaborations with Mike. He expressed his emotional connection to tracks like “Motherless” and emphasized how they showcased Mike’s greatness as an artist.

As a Grammy-nominated engineer, RENEGADE EL REY shared that his nomination didn’t change much for him. He believes that maintaining a strong network is crucial for success in the entertainment industry. His work with Kanye West came about through his connections, highlighting the importance of relationships in propelling his career forward.

In conclusion, RENEGADE EL REY latest single “OKAY OKAY” is still a banger! Go check it for a good tune to keep in rotation.

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