RENEGADE EL REY from Grammy Nom’s to Grammy Wins

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It’s not everyday that we get to follow the career journey of a superstar from almost the start of their notoriety. However, RENEGADE EL REY is an exception to this truth as it hasn’t been six months since we first covered a story on his then Grammy nomination with Killer Mike for the album “Micheal” and his single Okay Okay; only to be elated to follow up with him and his now Grammy WIN along side Killer Mike, as well as the continuation of his own musical journey as an artist.

Sitting back down with journalist Nella Writes RENEGADE EL REY catches us up on the latest and great of his exhilarating and ground breaker career. Until now it hasn’t been seen that the audio engineer who records the artists also writes on songs, raps on songs, and also performs on alongside of some of the artists they work with; but RENEGADE EL REY has been doling just that. Picking up what feels like a musical triple RENEGADE lets us know how blessed he is to be able to perform songs like “Recreation” with legends Big Boi & Sleepy Brown from their recent album “The Big Sleep Over”, which he is featured on as well as recorded. He also gets that same feeling on the occasions he’s able to perform the Hook on songs like Kill Jill on stages with Big Boi & Killer Mike which he also wrote on and recorded. From there he’s often thrown the alley-oop to be able to perform his recent smash record “Okay Okay” produced my Brilliant Mack, the record we first noticed him for back in September of 2023.

Working shoulder to shoulder with, as well as under the tutelage of such hip hop icons it was to no surprise when we found out that RENEGADE EL REY had recently won a Grammy with Killer Mike for his role as one of the main recording engineers on such an esteemed album like “Micheal”; an album which lead to Killer Mike sweeping the Grammies with 3 awards in the hip hop category. When asked how does it feel to be a Grammy winner RENEGADE responds “it’s a blessing… this is what we work so hard for… but there’s still plenty of work to do.” He further goes on to let the cat out of the bag that he’s gearing up to release his own project that features heavy weights such as Ceelo Greene, Killer Mike, and more. So in closing we’d like to reintroduce you all RENEGADE EL REY; artist, writer, and newly Grammy award winning engineer. We hope you follow and enjoy his journey as much as we are!

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