Barista’s Ojai Sessions

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In a transformative retreat to the tranquil mountains of Ojai, California, Han Eryilmaz, the frontman of Barista, has crafted his latest album. Over three intense weeks, this Istanbul-based artist embarked on a journey of musical discovery, recording and producing an album that promises to be a landmark in his already distinguished career. Joining him on this pilgrimage was none other than the legendary drummer Simon Phillips, whose rhythmic genius has graced albums from Toto to The Who.

The collaboration with Phillips was not merely a meeting of talents but a fusion of souls dedicated to the raw, liberating essence of music. Han, known for his genre-defying, soul-ascending melodies, found in Phillips a kindred spirit. The synergy between the two artists was palpable, with Phillips’ drumming providing a dynamic backbone to Han’s evocative compositions.

Adding to the album’s rich sound is Mariami, the celebrated singer-songwriter whose ethereal vocals have enchanted audiences worldwide. Her voice weaves through the tracks, adding layers of depth and emotion that elevate the music to new heights. Also contributing his masterful guitar work is Jesse Siebenberg, whose strings have previously lent a hauntingly beautiful quality to works by Supertramp and others. Siebenberg’s guitar melodies blend with Barista’s sound, creating an immersive listening experience.


The serene environment of Ojai’s mountains offered the perfect backdrop for this intense period of creativity. Far from the distractions of urban life, Han and his collaborators could immerse themselves fully in the music, allowing nature to inspire and infuse their work with an organic authenticity. This retreat was not just a recording session but a holistic experience where each note and lyric was meticulously crafted and honed.

Barista’s forthcoming album, set for release in July, promises to be a profound exploration of human emotion and experience. It stands as a testament to Han’s dedication to authenticity and his refusal to conform to mainstream trends.

Han’s approach to music is both introspective and expansive, a duality that resonates deeply with his audience. His previous work, including the critically acclaimed “Justice Now,” which soared to #2 on the UK Rock charts, has set a high bar. Yet, this new album is poised to surpass even those lofty expectations, offering a fresh yet familiar sound that is unmistakably Barista.


As Barista puts the finishing touches on this eagerly anticipated album, the music world waits with bated breath. Han’s ability to translate the quietude of his soul into powerful, emotive music remains unparalleled. This album, born from the serenity of Ojai’s mountains and enriched by the talents of Phillips, Mariami, and Siebenberg, is sure to be a defining moment in his musical journey.

In a world awash with superficiality, Barista’s music stands out as a beacon of depth and authenticity. Mark your calendars for July 12th, this is one release you won’t want to miss.

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Acknowledgments are due to the skilled musicians and collaborators who lent their talents to this project: Bob Glaub on bass, David Delhomme and Jeff Babko on keys, Jason Mariani overseeing engineering, and the distinctive vocal stylings of Rudiger and Kyle Tkatch.

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