SKG Remixes Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Diss to Drake with “Not Like Us”

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LA rapper; SKG, born Helecia Choyce, has been making waves in the music industry with her back-to-back releases. Known for her early support of Kendrick Lamar, she recently put her own spin on Lamar’s hit song “Not Like Us,” originally aimed at Drake, showcasing her unique West Coast style.

Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” made headlines when it broke Drake’s Spotify record for the most streams in a day. Chart Data reported that the diss track, targeting Lamar’s rap rival Drake, garnered millions of streams within just 24 hours of its release, marking a significant moment in hip-hop history.


SKG’s remix of “Not Like Us” adds a fresh perspective to the track, infusing it with her West Coast flair and delivering powerful verses that resonate with fans. Hailing from the same region as Lamar, SKG is dedicated to shining a light on their shared city and bringing inspiration to fellow artists on the West Coast.

In a recent statement, SKG expressed admiration for Kendrick Lamar’s impact on the music scene, stating, “Kendrick Lamar woke the city up and put inspiration back into a lot of the artists on the West Coast.” With her remix of “Not Like Us,” SKG pays homage to Lamar while adding her own unique voice to the ongoing conversation in hip-hop.

To listen to SKG’s remix of “Not Like Us” and experience her innovative take on the track, click the link below.

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