SKG Becomes Brand Ambassador for Boss Angeles Certified: A Collaboration Rooted in Urban Wear and Empowerment.

In a dynamic fusion of urban fashion and musical influence, rapper SKG, also known as Helecia Choyce, has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Boss Angeles Certified clothing. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for both SKG and Boss Angeles Certified, amplifying their presence in the urban wear scene while championing empowerment and authenticity. Boss Angeles Certified, founded by visionary entrepreneur Rome Ardell in 2021, emerged from a long-held dream that Ardell nurtured since 2013. As an urban black-owned clothing brand headquartered in Los Angeles, Boss Angeles Certified specializes in a diverse range of urban wear, including hats,…

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Teen Actress Yelani Sinclair Attends the Inspire Awards

Every year OneLegacy host the Inspire Awards honoring stories about organ and tissue donations. Television shows, movies and documentaries receive an inspire award for inspiring change through entertainment. OneLegacy foundation and Ava’s Heart came together for an unforgettable night honoring story tellers, organ donors and transplant recipients. The star studded event featured a red carpet, four course meal and live entertainment. One talent in particular who came to be inspired was the talented teen actress, Yelani Sinclair. Growing up in…

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